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A Venue For Every Season

Wedding planning brings a plethora of challenges with it: selecting a perfect wedding venue is one you’ll face early on. As you look for a venue, it’s vital to consider the time of your celebration, the guest capacity, the style, and the environment you want to create. Here are several recommendations: a venue for each season and situation.

Winter can be a spectacular time to get married, just think about how much money can be saved by going on a honeymoon off-season! That being said, winter season can certainly present some complications. While colder temperatures and possibility of rain, limit you to an indoor ceremony and reception, this can be compensated with a selection of a unique and memorable hall.

A venue fitting such criteria is Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center, a Victorian mansion located in downtown Sacramento.

This historic gem has a ballroom featuring high ceilings and glass chandeliers, and it is spacious enough to accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. For a couple that is searching for something elegant and charming, this venue will be a great match.

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